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Now you've learnt that cloth has some significant advantages for the environment, keeping baby safe from toxins and keeping your bank account looking a better.  But, why Real Nappies... let's find out. 


Find the page titled WHY USE REAL NAPPIES (tips below).  Check out our video, throughout the video we start each section with something we love.  Count each time you see We love and when you get to the 4th time, take note of what it is that we love.  This will be what you need to look for in our Blogs.  We have a blog all about why we love that particular aspect.  When you get to the blog, click on the picture that matches that word.

TIP: The WHY REAL NAPPIES page can be found in the LEARN menu or in some of the links in BUYING NAPPIES - NEED TO KNOW.  Blogs can also be found in the LEARN menu.