Welcome our Treasure Hunt

This pages gives you the instructions on how to get through the hunt and get the final code to give you an amazing discount, usually only given at Expos.  This hunt should also give you a bit of information on cloth nappies and on Real Nappies.

Right, so... Instructions.

  1. Follow the clues on each page to find the item to click on.
  2. Each clue page contains a letter (a giant capital letter) at the top.  Remember that letter, you're going to need it! (It may help to have pen and paper with you) - there are 4 in total.
  3. The final page will ask you to solve the mystery of the letters you have collected throughout the hunt.

Please note:  This works much better on a computer than a mobile phone if you have that option as you can find blogs quicker using the categories (which don't seem to appear on mobile).  You may also want a pen and paper to make a few notes as you go along.

Have fun.

And let's get started with

Clue number 1

Cloth nappies have many many advantages over disposables and one of them is the huge cost savings.  We have a great blog about how much you can save - link in 'click me'.  One of the pictures on that page is clickable and will take you to the next clue.

Pro Tip: Find our blogs here: https://realnappies.co.nz/blogs/news  OR anytime you need under the LEARN menu at the bottom.