Cotton Nappy Prefolds - 6 pack

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  • Real Nappies reusable cloth nappies-Cotton Nappy Prefolds - 6 pack-
  • Real Nappies reusable cloth nappies-Cotton Nappy Prefolds - 6 pack-
  • Cotton Nappy Prefolds - 6 pack
  • Real Nappies reusable cloth nappies-Cotton Nappy Prefolds - 6 pack-
  • Cotton Nappy Prefolds - 6 pack
  • Real Nappies reusable cloth nappies-Cotton Nappy Prefolds - 6 pack-

Cotton Nappy Prefolds - 6 pack

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We love natural fibres next to baby's skin. We use premium quality 100% natural cotton fibre in our award-winning modern cloth nappy prefold inserts. Meaning superior softness, absorbency and durability wash after wash.  These nappies are included in ALL our packs. They are also referred to as trifold nappy inserts.


  • Real Nappies inserts are 100% natural Indian cotton.
  • The natural, soft inserts are comfortable to wear and breathe naturally.
  • Certified to the highest Oeko-Tex ecological standards.
  • Voted Australia’s Favourite Prefold in the ‘Cloth Nappy Awards’ and the choice of New Zealand maternity hospitals.
  • Real Nappies cotton inserts are free of chlorine bleach, plastics and chemicals, meaning no irritation for babies’ sensitive skin.
  • Layers of natural cotton sewn together for superior absorbency.
  • Easily customise your nappies to give your little one absorbency where they need it most.
  • Packed in a divine reusable drawstring cotton bag, which has a thousand uses.
  • Available in 4 sizes.  Please see our FAQ page for size measurements, but we recommend buying by weight.

For folding tips see our How To page 

We recommend buying our prefolds by weight of baby, but if you want actual measurements of each size, see our FAQ page.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Convenient and Easy to Use

Great having the prefold inserts as not much to getting the nappy ready for use on child. Did need to watch the video on different folding techniques for boys as the way we were showed was very bulky and bubs didn't like it very much. Easy to clean and quick to dry

Joanna Humphries
Outlast other brands

I've used Real Nappies prefolds for both my children, but somehow ended up with 1 size from a different brand of prefolds, and these haven't lasted at all for 2 children! They are now only good for rags. The Real Nappies prefolds, on the other hand, still look as good as new. Highly recommend as an economical way to start using cloth nappies.

Best nappies I've ever used

I just purchased your nappies a few weeks ago and I am amazed by them. They wash so well and dry like a dream. Easy to clean too. If I could, I'd go back in time and buy these with my first child. 5 children later and I finally found the best nappies I've ever used. I want to tell all the mums I meet about them...�??

Best nappies!

We love these nappies. The prefolds are very absorbent and dry quickly. We used these 12 years ago for our first and passed them on to many other babies. They last and last and don't go smelly or stain. With our surprise second baby, we didn't hesitate to buy these again (the first lot having been passed on so much that we didn't know where they had got to). So easy to use and we love that they haven't got microfibre. Working fine overnight with the newborn, but definitely needed boosters for our first as she got older.

Good quality

The actual napkins are of very good quality and my baby loves it and I use it day and night washing easily and dry quickly.

2-child limited warranty

We are so sure our nappies will last, we have an extra warranty on them for two children.

Beautiful and soft

Soft, colourful covers and gentle snuggly cotton inserts for baby's comfort.


Saving money and without compromising the planet.