Cloth nappies can save you money, they are better for the planet and better for baby. If you’re already on board with the cloth idea but want to know more about why Real Nappies are special, jump to that section below.

Why Cloth Nappies

  • Better for the Planet - Reusable cloth nappies halve the ecological footprint of disposable nappies.  Less landfill, less threats to our water supply and environment, less plastic.  Read More
  • Better for our Health - Hidden in some disposable nappies are chemicals, such as dioxins, which have been linked to cancer. What else is in nappies that could be harming your baby?  Read More
  • Better for our Wallet - Disposable nappies cost upwards of $4000 per child.  Using cloth nappies costs around $910 for the first child.  You could save enough for a flight to Europe.  See the math here.
  • Better for our Time - No leaky nappies means less time changing outfits, less time in the supermarket buying nappies, earlier potty training.  Read More.

Why Real Nappies

  • Different Sizes - Just as adults can't fit into clothes that are too big or too small and make them stretch or dome them to "fit", babies are the same.  Our four different sizes means you get a snug fit without extra bulk. Plus you can mix and match sizes to get the perfect fit. Read More.
  • Less washing, quicker drying - Because our Snug Wraps and Prefolds are separate this means for less washing and much quicker drying than other nappies. Read More.
  • Oeko-Tex certified and exceeding CPSIA safety standards - Rigorously tested for over 100 harmful substances.  Our nappies are free from irritants that may harm sensitive baby skin. Read more.
  • Unique 2-Child Limited Warranty - We have this special warranty for our nappies because we believe in them. We stand by our products and have built them to last.  Read more.
  • Beautiful and Soft - Our prefolds are made from lovely soft 100% natural cotton fibre and our colourful covers are made from super strengthened and leak free PUL.


Real Nappies cloth nappies are a real practical alternative to disposable nappies. Real Nappies are perfect for busy parents who want to do what’s right for the planet by using cloth nappies without the mess or fuss. They are easy to use like disposable nappies, kind to the environment, quick to wash, keep your baby dry day and night, and save you money.


Not to mention they are super cute and comfortable for a stylish baby bottom!

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