The Real Nappies Company

Real Nappies have been around since 2005 and have received many awards for their nappies. Real Nappies is a small family run business, and we want to support our customers to use reusable cloth nappies successfully.

Becoming a parent is an exciting and also very busy time, therefore we want to keep our nappies pure and simple to use.

Although we are small, we back our products 100%, which is why we are the only cloth nappy company to offer a limited warranty for our nappies to last two babies.


What we believe in

Keeping it Natural - At Real Nappies, we love to keep things as natural as possible.  You wouldn't want to put anything else next to your baby's skin.  This is why we choose to use 100% cotton for our prefolds and other inserts.  For all our add-on products we have tried to find the best product that will keep what you use on or for baby as natural as possible. Our nappy inserts are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, meaning that they have been rigorously tested against a list of up to 350 toxic chemicals.

Affordable - We know a baby costs a lot of money and we don't want to make it any tougher on you.  We keep our costs low and pass those savings on to you so you can keep your baby in reusable nappies.  We also sell great bundle deals to help you save even more.

Sustainable - We are trying to help reduce landfill and use natural fibres in our nappies to reduce our impact on the environment.  Cloth nappies is a great start and the fact they can be used for multiple children makes a big difference! We try to keep our packaging as natural as possible and only use a minimum required.  This is why our prefolds are in drawstring bags that you can re-use. Even our shipping bags are home compostable!

Real Nappy Owners

Hey there! I'm Merine, the owner of Real Nappies since February 2023!
My family has a love for our environment and making a positive impact on the world around us. Our family's cloth nappy journey started with our daughter Layla.
Using reusable cloth nappies was a big part of my decision to have children and I was SO LUCKY that my bestie Siobhan gifted me her whole stash of cloth nappies which consisted of mostly - you guessed it! - Real Nappies. Over the years I bought and tried other types and brands, but I always reached for the Real Nappies first as they were much easier to use and I did not get leaks like I did with others.
Fast forward to 2022 and baby #2, our daughter Eve, and I brought the Real Nappies out of storage and the journey started again!
So when the previous owners decided to shut down the Real Nappies business, I was devastated that other parents would not know this brand and how easy it is to do cloth nappies with Real Nappies. So I bought Real Nappies!  

I originally trained as a Product Development Chemist and between my Project Manager role for a manufacturing company and Real Nappies, I work full time. I also love volunteering in community organisations and connecting with people. I am passionate about toy libraries (another awesome way to reduce environmental impact and save money, find one near you!), love baking, growing my own food and spending time with the kids and my partner Wayne on our bush adventures.