The Real Nappies Nappy Club is our special Club for all our Real Nappies fans.  Join our The Club and you can earn tickle tokens that get redeemed for rewards to spend in our store.  

Getting tickle tokens and spending rewards has never been easier.

How do I join the Club?

It's easy.  Either create an account with us before or when you buy something and you are automatically enrolled.  Or click on the Nappy Club icon at the bottom of your screen and Join.

How do I earn tickle tokens at The Nappy Club?

There are a few ways to earn tickle tokens.

Make a purchase

Every time you make a purchase through your account you receive a tickle token for every $1 spent.  And it doesn't even have to be nappies, you earn tickle tokens from every product bought on our store.

Share on Facebook

We love generosity.  You share, we share.  Share our shop on Facebook and gain even more tickle tokens for spending in our store.  So easy!

Invite your friends to join the club

While we like to think we are pretty exclusive, we love getting new members.  People who can also enjoy the fun of Real Nappies.  So, if you invite a friend to join the club, we'll not just reward you with tickle tokens, we'll give them a little starter amount to spend too.

Product Reviews

Do our products leave you tickled pink?  Give us a review and we'll give you some tickle tokens in return.

Tickle tokens become available for redemption after your order ships and expire 365 days after the day you earned them. Returned merchandise decrements tickle token balance accordingly.  Tickle tokens are not rewarded for shipping or GST or on phone orders.

How many tickle tokens do I have?

If you would like to see your Club account, just click on the Nappy Club tab in the bottom right hand corner of your screen, make sure you are Signed in and it will tell you how many tickle tokens you have, what you can redeem them for and how you can earn more.  Please note tickle tokens are updated in your account after shipment of your purchase.

Also, the more tickle tokens you save the bigger the reward.

How do I spend my tickle tokens?

Spending your tickle tokens is definitely the fun part of The Nappy Club! Simply log in to your Real Nappies account. If you have enough tickle tokens, redeem them for a Club Reward, which gives you a code to use at the checkout.  So simple. 


NOTE: The Nappy Club offered on our website is void where prohibited by law. Real Nappies reserves the right to modify or cancel this program at any time and without cause or notice. Tickle tokens are not redeemable for cash. Abuse of this program may lead to account suspension or cancelled orders.