We believe Real Nappies are the best out there, but you don't have to take our word for it.  We've put in some of our most informative testimonials below to give you a better insight on what our wonderful customers are saying about us. 

Getting this bundle deal [Infant to Potty Pack] is a great way to start out on the cloth nappy journey with everything you need at a bundle price instead of getting each stage separately. We went with the infant to potty bundle as we were already past the newborn stage but wish we had started out sooner so easy to use.

~ Rebecca, 14th Aug 2023 ~


I've used Real Nappies prefolds for both my children, but somehow ended up with 1 size from a different brand of prefolds, and these haven't lasted at all for 2 children! They are now only good for rags. The Real Nappies prefolds, on the other hand, still look as good as new. Highly recommend as an economical way to start using cloth nappies.

~ Joanna, 21st Jun 2023 ~




I absolutely LOVE your cloth nappies and covers (and the liners, sanitizer powder and night boosters) best decision buying the birth to potty pack when I was pregnant! She’s now 5.5months old and I’m so happy with them. They hold wee and poo WAY better than disposables! And so much nicer for bubs skin and the environment. Thanks heaps!
~Alex, 2020~

I brought the birth to potty pack and I love the nappies. I would recommend this as a starting point for anyone that wants to get into cloth. My favourite bit are actually the flats, I use them for anything and everything. I would love some outers with snaps because my little friend loves to undo velcro but that being said I I just make sure she has an over garment on while I use the real me nappy outers. I would 100% purchase again.
~Nicola, 2020~ 

I’m really enjoying using Real Nappies on our babe, they’re so easy and actually less laundry compared to disposables because we have no leaks, yay! Contrary to popular belief, I have no problem using them when we go out or stay away from home. It’s great to have such a reliable product, one thing that makes being a new parent easier. 
~Grace, 2019~ 

We have been using real nappies since our 10 week old was born. We started using them during the day and disposable at night for the first couple of weeks then we quickly realised how easy it was with a system in place and have been 100% reusable for the past 6-8 weeks.
Other mothers are always talking about poonamis and honestly we haven’t had a single poo leak (except the one time my husband forgot to put the outer cover on lol).
~Caitlin, 2019~

I just wanted to send you a note to say how happy we are with our Real Nappies. I bought the Birth to Potty pack while pregnant, and received a lot of doubt/feedback from people with children about how much work/how difficult we’ll find cloth nappies on top of life with a new baby.
I’m happy to say that hasn’t been the case! We’ve found them so easy to use, wash and dry. Our little girl has never had any nappy rash or skin issues and we’ve only had a few leaks...which I know happen in disposables too! We also love the Cheeky Wipes, they’re SO much better than the flimsy disposable wipes!
Thank you for making such a lovely, good quality product. I feel so pleased with our choice and my husband and I are singing the praises of the Real Nappies products to anyone who will listen. 

A true Real Nappies fan, best move my friend I made in 2012 to go with you guys! We both are fans of the nappies for our 15 month old girls! I truly am a big fan of your nappies!  When my friend and I were pregnant, I did lots of research on the net and in stores looking for the nappies I wanted.  In the end was down to your nappies and another (that I actually can’t remember which one now), and I was chatting with someone that was raving about your nappies.  I talked my friend into not going disposables and going with you, so got that deal where we bought 2 packs direct from you guys.  Neither of us regret our purchase.  Anyway, a long way of saying I am a true fan, and more than happy to do anything else that can promote an awesome product.  And, I don’t offer that lightly, I really think your company deserves the credit so far received! Thanks again : )

I recommend your nappies to all my friends they are the greatest!!!  I’ve tried them all and I still go back to Real Nappies! The individual sizes would have to be their best feature, and they’re at such an affordable price compared to other individual sized nappies! 

Hi, I just wanted to post a picture of my 3 month old Daughter wearing Real Nappies! We absolutely love them and recommend them to all our friends and family! Thank you Real Nappies for the BEST nappies ever! 

One of my daughters in NZ uses your nappies and now my other daughter in Austria needs them. We can’t find any that are good here. How’s that for recommendation?
~Barbara (Nana), Austria~

I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with Real Nappies, with the nappies themselves and also the awesome service we received from your company.  After using them for three months, we have found that the nappies are so easy to clean, we haven’t had any leaks, and our baby seems very comfortable wearing them.  We couldn’t be happier with our decision to use these nappies!  The bio-liners are superb, and the Nappy Fresh Sanitiser works exceptionally well and smells really good too!  Feel free to use this as feedback on your website!
~The Bryson Family~

A friend of mine has given me some reusable nappies to try on my twins one of them being Real Nappies..they are fantastic! I tried some cheaper versions, but they leaked and seemed bulky.  Your nappies are so good that my daughter who’s just turned 3 decided she would put one on her sister! So cute she was being very independent, I can do it mummy!  She did a great job.  Thanks

I wanted to say that they are by far the best washable nappies I’ve tried so far as my 4 months old son has less accidents with these than with disposables!
~Elizabeth, Luxembourg~

I love your Real Nappies. My son is now 3 months old and we haven’t touched a disposable and don’t plan to. So many people told us that using cloth nappies in the first three months wouldn’t work but after hearing stories from friends we know they work better than disposables at containing leaks! Thanks a lot

Thought I would share a picture of my 10 day old squishy… She is 7lbs 10ozs and 50cm long and the newborn prefolds in an angel fold (I think that’s what it's called) fits perfect, never had a leak yet and very impressed with the quality and ease of use! 

I absolutely LOVE your Birth to Potty pack and have recommended it to so many friends who also love your nappies as much as I do!

I mentioned at the time, but I was the most impressed with your nappies compared to the many others at the Expo and they are better value for money. I kept saying to Mum over and over that I had to go back to your stand to make an order. 
I have been given a pack of the snap together nappies but worried about my husband not being able to do them up. They’re not exactly Dad proof! I was thinking of using of disposables in the beginning for that reason, now I have Real Nappies, from day one I don’t have to stress and I can pack them in my hospital bag!

Nathaniel is now 3 weeks old and he’s been in Real nappies since the end of week 1! After leaks and stained clothes with disposables, even my husband is LOVING the Real nappies! We’ve had no leaks at all! Thanks!
~Karen F~

Thanks so much! You guys are seriously so amazing! Best customer service I have ever encountered! 

I really love your products. They are the only brand I have used that don’t leak.  I have used them on my girl since she was 8 weeks old (now 10 months) and have only had 2 leaks which were when she was a bit small for them.  It’s great to be able to use them out and about with confidence. 
~Brooke D~

Thanks so much for your help!  You’ve really gone above and beyond, and it is much appreciated.  

I just wanted to thank you for all your help, I have had such a pleasant experience with your company and will be recommending you to all my friends!  I can't wait to start using all my Real Nappies, just waiting for this baby to arrive, we are 2 days overdue! Thanks again 
~Brooke F~

We were introduced to Real Nappies by friends of ours who had used them with all 4 of their kids. When Taiga was born, they offered us the nappies they no longer needed (we were a little scared to start with cloth nappies when he was a newborn, but once he hit 5kg we made the switch).  These nappies had been used by 7 children before they got to Taiga!!!!  We love our Real Nappies!
~Jenny K~

Just wanted to say that I received my order last Monday and so far am thrilled with your service.  Delivery was prompt, all communications have been very clear (despite my own mistakes in ordering).  Your process is so efficient, it leaves some online retailers for dead.  In addition, the product is of a high quality from the look and feel of it. I am still waiting for bub to come out any day now and I expect the product to perform from the many great reviews and endorsements online.  Just wanted to say thanks for the great service thus far.

I just wanted to let you know how fantastic your nappies are and how impressed my husband and I have been.  We had a little girl and from the look on her face when she has her nappy changed she also loves them!  Given how terrific your product is I have just ordered a newborn to potty pack and a few other bits and pieces to take us right through to when she is out of nappies.  Thanks again

I just wanted to flick you an email to say thank you for such awesome service! Every time I’ve ordered from you guys (usually when I’m dangerously low on liners haha) my order has arrived the next day; awesome for a order-at-the-last-minute-mum like me! I love your nappies and find them so easy to use (and not as bulky & fiddly as the pocket style MCNs). I had my babe in the water at the beach when she was 3 months and now at 4.5 months old she has started swimming lessons and the swim nappy is such a great idea – love not having to use a disposable!  
~H Christie~

I would just like to give you some feedback on Real Nappies. My husband & I decided to buy them after seeing a quick demonstration at the end of the last day of the Baby Expo in Melbourne in 2011. I admittedly didn’t read the instructions booklet & folded them the wrong way when our baby girl was born in March 2013 so I gave up using them for a while. I gave them another go when she was 3 months old (with the correct fold!) & I haven’t looked back. She is 12 months old now & we are absolutely thrilled with our Real Nappies! I have tried the other major brands here in Australia, but to my husband & I they don’t even compare with the ease of use & quick drying time of Real Nappies. They are just so easy to use & launder & we are even more excited about the cost savings – our water bill was only $30 more than the year before we had our baby. I am very fussy when it comes to clothes washing, but I have been so impressed at how Real Nappes wash so beautifully & hygenically each & every time. We found that the myths about MCN’s causing more nappy rash also proved to be completely untrue – they are just as effective, easy to use, hygenic & absorbent as a disposable nappy, even overnight. I can’t rave about them enough. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product. I would be more than happy to recommend them to anybody.
~C Spykers~

I ordered your birth to Potty pack before my daughter was born in July.  Firstly I just want to say how much I love the nappies, they are so easy to use and clean – really comfortable for my daughter and she has never had nappy rash! So many people told me not to use cloth nappies that it was too much trouble and that I would quit within a month (after I ordered the pack I was really nervous) but 7 months on and I love it and find it so easy to stick with.  So thanks for a great product. 
~Tanya D~ 

Thank you very much for your prompt action, we have been using his newborn ones for the past 6 weeks and love them, I have recommended them to everyone, I have no idea why everyone doesn’t use them, the only extra step from a disposable is a load of washing and yet it saves you so much money!! And my poor little one gets horrible nappy rash with a disposable and has no reaction to the Real Nappies… thanks for supplying us with great products and great service.   

I bought your Birth to Potty back in 2010 before we had our first child. Did a lot of research at the time before buying our nappies and decided I liked Real Nappies the best. We are now on our second wee boy and he is using them as well…I LOVE THEM. I had friends that bought cheaper nappies and all in one type nappies, but they never used them for very long. I recommended Real Nappies to other friends who also used them for a long time and loved them. Why we love them (even though I know you have heard it all before). They have saved us so much money in nappies. Having a seperate cover and insert means most of the time during a day you are only using one cover and changing the insert each time, both my boys don’t wet through and they are thirsty boys, they aren’t bulky under clothes like some nappies, they are easy to clean and come up great after the washing machine, they are super easy to get dry and most importantly they are now going through there second baby and they show no sign of wear! Most importantly I love putting a much more natural thing on my wee boys bottom I never had a problem with nappy rash with our first boy and none so far with the next.  Thank you Real nappies they really are a joy to use and I am not any great house wife so if I can use them anyone can!
~M Gare~

I would just like to share my experience with your nappies. We bought the Real Nappies newborn to toddler pack at the Auckland baby show. We decided to use disposable nappies to start with because we were a little worried how we would cope with our first baby. We have been using top brand disposable nappies and my baby boy is now 10 days old. During this time his legs have been getting really sore and red and a rash has developed on his bottom. Having received my Real Nappies pack I decided to put on one of the infant nappies even though it was far too big for him. I thought the cotton would be good and the legs of the nappy weren’t too tight. When I came to change him after a few hours I was shocked to discover all of the redness around his little legs and his rash on his bottom had completely disappeared!!! I mean completely gone!! I have now ordered the newborn Real Nappies and will whole heartedly recommend them to all new mums I meet! Being a new mum is difficult but it is made easier when your baby isn’t sore and these nappies are amazing!!
~Dr R Matthews~

Hi, I am due in 2 months and am going to use Real Nappies on my newborn when she arrives. I currently have a 4 year old (will be 5 in 4 months) who bed-wets at night so has been using a disposable nappy at night. Well, I decided to practice on him and bought a top-up pack from Real Nappies to use with him at night. I used the toddler sized prefold with a booster and the toddler cover and it has been perfect every night for a week now! He leaked the first night as I didn’t fasten it tight enough but after that, we have had no leaks at all and he does big wees! He is on the skinny side and the covers fit him great and don't dig in on him at all. Washing and drying is so easy 🙂 I am so impressed with your product and am so happy that I have chosen to use Real Nappies with my bub to be.. Thankyou for a great product!
~Catriona R~

I Just wanted to say thank you so very very much for being so helpful and so delightful on the phone. I am just in love with Real Nappies and will never again go back to disposables. My daughter tends to soil her nappies a lot, and every time they would leak, but with Real Nappies, they haven't leaked at all!! I am just so impressed and am recommending them to all my pregnant friends and mums.
Thanks again!
~Jess W~

My fabulous nappies arrived first thing this morning – thank you.  They are fantastic and I will continue to share with everyone how wonderful Real Nappies are (my husband even agrees they are great!)  Thank you for your time
~Josephine T.~

Just a really quick email to say- love the nappies. They work great. We have had awful weather here in Sydney so it has been great just being able to put the prefolds in the dryer. The last lot of reusable I used, had to be line dried.  
~Claire S~

Just wanted to say thank you for the nappies.  We’ve been using them for a couple weeks now and they are working out a treat.  As easy as disposables, but without the masses of rubbish generated.
~Heidi, Nick and Amelia~

We recently bought a toddler pack for our first son (then 2, now TT’d except overnight) from you as we were so impressed with the infant and crawler packs that we were so kindly given when our second was born.  You see, he has a real problem with synthetics, so all of the fancy mcns (pockets, AI2s, AIOs, etc) that we used for baby#1 were useless on #2 and we were not in a position to buy any more.
Anyway we are so sad that we didn’t find your system for our first.  Honestly, it’s the only thing that I can trully say is so easy that Dad can really use it, and I can wash it properly too.  Our HE frontloader can’t seem to cope with hemp or bamboo and spent forever in the laundry strip washing etc, even though we use a completely nasty free detergent.  With the prefolds, it’s a breeze.  I also can’t believe the myths out there surrounding cotton – contrary to popular belief, we’ve found that even our fire hydrant sons (super heavy wetters) can’t out-pee your prefolds.  Although I’ve replaced the elastic in the covers, I can truthfully say that your nappies are now being used by the 5th child in line, and they look fantastic.  Thank you so very much.
~Holly P~

We have the birth to potty pack and our little girl has been in them since about 6 weeks old (she is almost 5 months now).  They suit her perfectly and I’m finding them really user friendly.  Can’t remember what disposables were like and don’t miss them at all.  The Nappy Fresh powder is brilliant too and certainly gets rid of any unwanted stains.

Hi my name is Michelle and I live in Perth Western Australia.  I am using Real Nappies on my newborn and so far am very impressed! I love the simplicity and the fact that they are sized appropriately for your growing child not the ‘one size fits for ever’ nappy that is advertised widely. I have also had no leaks with liquid poo which I remember with my other two children having with disposables! fingers crossed it continues that way.

I thought I would just write to let you know that my little one is now completely out of nappies (he was out of day nappies at 2 years 3 months and is now out of night nappies at 3 years and 3 months) and we used ‘Real Nappies’ from the start (we bought the birth to potty pack)! The only disposable nappies we used were the 3 days we were in Birthcare. It would be fantastic to see cloth nappies being used there too one day.  When we said to people we were going to use cloth nappies we were laughed at constantly – so much that I decided I was going to keep a record of EVERY nappy I used so that I would get the last laugh when I could tell them how much money we had saved (and how much money THEY had spent on disposable nappies).  So, it is with great pleasure I can tell you that we used 5500 nappies (YES I marked EVERY nappy off on a note pad, I even trained my husband to do it). Our little man was extremely easy to toilet train and I would put a large part of this down to that he knew wet from dry because of the nappies and he never got nappy rash from the cloth nappies either. As he was out of nappies extremely early the number of nappies we used was much lower than most people and I would say the use would have otherwise been much closer to 6000.  The washing wasn’t hard at all – you had to be a bit organised but hey how many people do you see buying emergency disposables late at night! We loved the velcro outers and the cotton inners – which were so easy to wash and get dry. [...] They are a cost effective and eco friendly alternative. We are looking at having a second child and will be able to use the same nappies again – increasing the cost efficiently even more. They were absolutely brilliant! On the one occasion I called with a faulty nappy you were extremely fast to replace the nappy and I couldn’t fault your customer service at all. I would be more than happy for you to use this testimonial for anyone considering ‘Real Nappies’.
~Rebecca, David and Ethan B~

I wanted to drop you an email to say how impressed I am with your nappies! I have tried a number of dedicated night time nappies on 2 of my boys and none have lasted the night! Until now. I purchased the Toddler Top-Up Pack at the Brisbane, Australia PBC Expo recently. I have recently placed another order for more Real Nappies! My 24 month old boy has dry jammies and a dry bed when he wakes up wearing one of your nappies with the night time booster. That was impressive as no other night nappy has achieved that feat! But the most impressive was this morning. My 5year old autistic son still requires a nappy at night. As he is quite small for his age, I put on a toddler nappy with the booster to see if it could handle a 5 year old heavy wetter. And much to my surprise and delight it did!
~Catherine F~

As a new Mum I was keen to provide my baby with the healthiest most natural start in life but found that often this idealist ‘green’ approach was hard to maintain as our lives are much busier than that of our grandmothers who never had to take baby out in the car etc   so when a friend lent me the ‘snug wrap’ to try I was sceptical that I could keep it up as I had failed with the pins and nappy pants before.  However, after two days I was on line and purchased my first set. The system is as easy to use as disposable and I found I didn’t have to change any more than I did before, I have subsequently had three more children and apart from a couple of new wraps for my forth have used the same ones.  The things I like so much are:

  1. Not having to buy disposable nappies! (apart from the odd pair if we go away as it’s a bit of a pain to take cloth nappies away)
  2. Far more natural to surround babies sensitive skin with cotton that plastic which contains phthalates
  3. Better for the very generation that we are nurturing, they will not thank us when they have to deal with the contamination of our ground and water when they are in their 20’s because we were too lazy to wash a few nappies
  4. Better for the plant, most disposables are imported and thus the fossil fuels used to get them to our supermarket shelves are enormous, easy way to be abit green so you can indulge in the other imported things that are harder to give up like coffee!!!
  5. Don’t have to feel bad if you change them and they do another poo straight away!  How many times do you throw a barely used nappy in the rubbish
  6. No tricky folding, pins, washing instructions, soaking……………………………you just put them in a bucket and do a load of whites every couple of days.  They dry so fast that you can almost use the wraps straight out of the machine. 

~Sonia E~

Hi, I visited you stand at the Baby and Child Show in Christchurch looking for a nappy which could stand up to my little boy particularly overnight.  He is a very heavy wetter and I have tried everything to keep him dry. He always wakes up in the morning wet up to his armpits yuk.  I tried every disposable you can think of even putting extra padding inside no luck. I tried putting a cover over a disposable. I then bought some [names omitted] and [names omitted] nappies, which did not do the trick. Total waste of money!! So, I purchased one of your top up packs and a pack of night time booster from the guys at the show. Fantastic product he has been dry ever since. I have not used a disposable day or night since. I wish I had found your product earlier.
~Mrs A Thompson and Mr I Thompson~ 

Wanted to use cloth on my baby from the beginning but couldn’t find anything to fit – the one size fits all I bought are way too big on my newborn.  When I spoke to the OSFM, [company name omitted] lady she said they do not really work until about 4 months old – I was furious they never told me this when I bought them.  So tried them on my 2 year old, his clothes were soaked through in 45 minutes.  Serves me right for thinking it was all to good to be true, it was!  My midwife mentioned Real Nappies to me they are great can use them on my newborn and my 2 year old, no more wet clothes. Thanks for great customer service too. 
~Paulette Jenkins~

Our nanny lent us some Pockets, [company name omitted] to trial for blog purposes and they’re HORRIBLE!!!  The bamboo takes at least 3 times longer to try than RN’s, and they tend to cause overheating. Cotton really is the only way to go!
~Lucy F~

Fantastic product – all mums should be using these !!!
~Helen 🙂~

I spent heaps on all in ones and fitteds thinking my life would be easier, I was so wrong.  Wished I had found you at the beginning.  My [brand name omitted] take 3 days to dry and then I was going to go back to throwaway nappies.  Someone suggested trying you guys and they dry so quickly, plus there cheaper!  
~Melissa H~

I wanted to send you some feed back on your Real Nappies.  I am a first time mum and use your nappies during the day for my daughter. I really enjoy your product and highly recommend them to anyone investigating cloth nappies.  Once again thank you for you great nappies.
~Helen L~

I don’t get why anyone uses pocket nappies – you have to stuff them to get them absorbent and pulling that out when you wash them and it’s covered in poo, yuk that’s gross!  Plus they cost me a fortune compared to Real Nappies, thank god I bought yours to try too.  Thanks for all your help.
~Janice P~

Fantastic – I used original cloth with my first, but bought Real Nappies for my second and they are awesome!  I have recommended them to all my friends and I know at least 3 who have bought them on my recommendation. 
~Rachel F~

I liked using them, especially great when my baby was first born as he was too small for disposables but fitted the newborn Real Nappies perfectly.

My daughter gets terrible nappy rash so I started used reusable nappies, I tried all the brands, [brand names omitted] and because none of them are cotton my daughter’s skin did not clear up.  Real Nappies are the only one I can use as they are cotton, we all get eczema in the family so we know we can only wear cotton clothing so I guess cotton in nappies is the logical choice too!   
Meegan T

Thanks again.  I really like using Real Nappies and I think, they are actually the best out of all that I have tried, and I have been recommending them to all my friends.  
~Nik H.~