Even after taking into account the materials and energy used to make them, the energy, water and detergent required to wash them, and their final, inevitable end-of-life in landfill, reusable nappies are still by far the better option when it comes to environmental sustainability as well as financial savings.

 On average, parents spend $4,000 on disposable nappies per child (approx. 3 years old toilet training stage). We worked out that using our nappies you will spend $910 (including laundering expenses) for your first child, and since our nappies can be reused, it costs even less for your second or third child. In fact, Real Nappies cloth nappies have a warranty for at least two children!

Where’s that math coming from?

Let’s think about it - your beautiful little bundle of joy is going through approximately 10-12 nappies a day at newborn stage and about 6 per day as he or she gets older. So, that’s 8,000 nappies, regardless of using disposables or reusables.

The average disposable nappy costs around $0.25 - $0.88 (depending on brand and size). For this calculation let’s assume the average spend is somewhere in the middle. So the average cost of a nappy is $0.50.

This comes to a total cost of 8,000 x 0.50 = $4,000
Even at the cheapest of $0.25 the total cost would be ($0.25 x 8000) $2,000.

Using Real Nappies it will cost you:

Birth to Potty pack ($700) + Washing costs (approx. $210 over 3 years) = $910 and that’s just for the first child. The second child will be washing costs only!!!

Approx Savings: $4000 - $910 = $3090 per child! That’s a flight to Europe (just imagine sitting in Italy telling your friends you are there because you used cloth nappies!)

You can read our full blog on this here: https://realnappies.com.au/blogs/news/save-money-buy-cloth

Every parent is different and everyone has their own reasons, but whatever your reason, you will find Real Nappies as easy to use as disposables, but without all the rubbish.

With our gorgeous soft and colourful covers, our gentle snuggly cotton inserts and our optional liners, cloth nappies have never been so easy. For busy, discerning parents looking for beautifully crafted nappies that last the distance (and are warranted for 2 babies), look no further.


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