Nappy Liners (100-pack)

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  • Real Nappies reusable cloth nappies-Nappy Liners (single)-
  • Real Nappies reusable cloth nappies-Nappy Liners (single)-
  • Nappy Liners (100-pack)
  • Nappy Liners (100-pack)
  • Real Nappies reusable cloth nappies-Nappy Liners (single)-
  • Real Nappies reusable cloth nappies-Nappy Liners (single)-

Nappy Liners (100-pack)

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1 roll of 100 liners 

Less mess. Less fuss.

Real Nappies liners make clean up easy. Soft and gentle, the liner’s unique weave allows the wet to pass through onto the cotton insert, whilst catching the solids, making nappy changing easier.  No scrubbing of inserts!  Simply dispose of the solids in the toilet and the liner in the rubbish bin.

  • 100% biodegradable, compostable and earth friendly
  • chemical free, chlorine free
  • fragrance free, dye free
  • soft and silky
  • breathable
  • hypoallergenic
  • made from Ingeo: The world’s first man-made fibres from 100% natural, renewable resources

Standard sizing means our liners can be used with other cloth or disposable nappy brands.  Our liners are on a compact, convenient roll making nappy changes quick and easy. 

How to use: Tear off a sheet, lay it on top of the cotton nappy insert (sold separately) and fasten your nappy. Once soiled, dispose of liner via one of the methods below.

DO NOT fold your liners, as this can cause leaking.  If they are too large, simply cut them in half or wrap around your insert.

The liners have been designed for single use.

Disposing of your liners can be done via composting, recycling, anaerobic digestion, chemical recycling, incineration or landfill.  Composting is one of the best ways to dispose of them.

DO NOT FLUSH: our liners do state on the packaging that they are flushable but we do not recommend flushing them.  Anaerobic digestion is one of the methods used for dealing with sewage and therefore in theory they are fine to be flushed, however there is a lack of cohesive guidance from regulators on this, so we recommend checking first with your local council.  For older-style plumbing, sewerage or septic tanks please test before use.  You are responsible for the effectiveness of your own plumbing/septic system.

Customer Reviews

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Great liners

These liners are strong but ok to be flushed as well. Can re use them if you put them through your wash too

Adina Howie
The Best

I got those originally included into my bundle. As I ran out I got replacement liners from little Genie brand which in comparison kept babies bottom wet during use. These ones somehow pull the liquids thru and seem to stay dry despite of the nappy being wet. Also I hand wash them and can use each sheet a good 3 tines. And of course they make it super easy for number twos. Thanks for a selling a great product. I won't buy another brand again.

Francesca Reindler
Makes cleaning up a breeze

These liners make it so easy to clean up number twos. Simply shake or wipe off the stool into the toilet and throw away in the bin. For the liners that just had wees, I can get at least 3 or 4 uses of the same liner. The liners shrink a bit after each wash but still have good coverage on the nappy.

Jessica Gerlach
Work great!!!

Perfect for protecting your cloth nappies from number 2’s and make it a much easier clean up. Obviously the wees goes straight through to the nappy as usual but it catches the solids and leaves minimal mess on the actual nappy. I flush the liner with the solids on it and carry on with my regular nappy cleaning.

not as what i expect, no good when wee

I used this liner just twice then i realize its not able to hold liquid quick—so if baby wee, and he is also moving at same time, then the running liquid will just come out the cloth nappy and i got wet carpet twice! i stop use it then. What a waste

These liners are not made to absorb wee. Their purpose is to catch poo for easy disposal. They are to be used in conjunction with prefolds and are not designed to be used alone. When using please place on top of the prefold. They will catch any solids while allowing the wee to go straight through to the absorbent prefold underneath.

2-child limited warranty

We are so sure our nappies will last, we have an extra warranty on them for two children.

Beautiful and soft

Soft, colourful covers and gentle snuggly cotton inserts for baby's comfort.


Saving money and without compromising the planet.