7 Tips for Dealing with Morning Sickness

Mother Nature can be so mean.  You’ve just found out you are expecting a new little bundle of joy and she plays nasty tricks to make you feel like absolute rubbish instead of elation at this exciting news.  But fear not - we have some natural remedies for dealing with morning sickness.

1. Prevention

The easiest way, by far, to avoid morning sickness is prevention.  I’m not talking abstinence! You’re already past that post.  Learn what makes your tummy queasy and find ways to avoid those things.  Does the smell of pepper or onions send you running?  Get them out of the house (or give to a non-pregnant friend).  If you know there are certain smells, and for some women even sounds, that can set your tummy heaving, don’t be afraid to tell the people you are around every day.  When I was pregnant I couldn’t stand the smell of chocolate, so when hubby wanted to make a hot chocolate I had to walk out of the room, and eventually he stopped making them.

2. Drink Drink Drink!

Water is your best friend while you are pregnant.  Avoid sugary drinks and caffeine, and avoid alcohol COMPLETELY - not only can it damage your baby, it dehydrates your system and depletes dozens of vital nutrients.  Dehydration can aggravate feelings of nausea.  Also, keeping hydrated means a healthier baby.

3. Fizzy Water

There is something about the bubbles of carbonated water that help to settle the stomach.  While I was pregnant I found fizzy water was my life saver, and I know so many other women who found this great.  A friend who had already been through it gave me a soda stream machine so that I could have carbonated water when ever I liked and it was a game changer for me.  Carbonated water is not the healthiest way to drink water, but when you are just trying to keep it all down - it certainly helps settle your stomach and it’s the best way I found of getting enough water into my system.  I also add fresh squeezed lemon juice, and there is something about lemons that help to settle the stomach too.

4. Eat up!

Do you get low blood sugar?  Do you over-salivate into an empty stomach upon waking?  Eat protein rich (and fat rich if you can tolerate it) snacks regularly to keep your stomach in digestion mode longer.  Morning sickness can come on stronger when you are hungry or have an empty stomach.  Some women swear by eating first thing in the morning, before they get out of bed.  However, don’t use this as an excuse to pig out.  Remember whatever you eat now has a long term effect on your baby.  So eat healthy snacks regularly.

5. Ginger

The anti-nausea champion.  Ginger-ale (this combines the carbonation idea from above with stomach soothing ginger), fresh ginger, ginger tea, or even ginger chews.  Ginger calms your stomach and freshens your mouth.  Note: Most commercial ginger-ales these days don’t contain real ginger, for the actual ginger effects, make sure you read the label.

6. Peppermint Oil

Not something to be eaten, just get a whiff.  Peppermint oil and other aromatic oils can help clear your head and stop your gag reflex.  Some oils are soothing and help to calm your system (lavender, fennel) while others clear your head and can give you an energy boost (peppermint, lemon, cinnamon).  Just remember, these are for inhalation only - do not consume or use any oils for self-massage without a credited aromatherapists approval.  One way you can consume peppermint is having a peppermint tea.

7. Salt and vinegar

Wow did I chow down on the gherkins when I was pregnant!  I thought I might give birth to a gherkin by the end of it!!  There is a reason many women find themselves craving pickles - they are loaded with electrolytes.  Sodium helps the body retain vital fluids and is easily depleted through normal elimination functions - sweat, urine and vomiting.  You need sodium to regulate your blood pressure and carry out numerous functions at the cellular level.  Although there is also something about the sour/tart taste that helps to line the stomach and stop the nausea.


Have a safe, happy and healthy pregnancy!

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