All about Muslins

What is Muslin?

Muslin is a finely woven, lightweight and breathable cotton material that dates back to Ancient India.  It is one of the purest, simplest and more gentle fabrics you can buy. It has a loose plain weave and this, combine with the lightweight of the fabric, gives it excellent airflow, meaning that if used as a swaddle, it massively reduces the risk of baby overheating, keeping baby safe and giving you total peace of mind.  Muslin is also very durable, able to withstand many washes and in fact, gets softer with each wash.

Some great ways you can use muslins:

Some of the ways I have used muslins are:

  1. Burp cloths, particularly if you have a really messy or spilly baby - I would keep a pile next to my feeding chair for little vomit moments.  
  2. Change mat or change table cover
  3. Protector on shopping trolley baby seat or other surfaces that might not be clean - kinda the same as above.  I just kept one in the car for moments when I needed to put baby down and didn't trust how clean the surface might be.
  4. Nappy free time cover - especially if you have a boy and need a wee cover.  The open weave means they are still getting the much needed airflow but your floors are protected from a shower.
  5. Dry babies bottom during change time - after I use my cheeky wipes to clean his bum, I then dry them with a muslin so that before the nappy goes on his bum is clean and dry.
  6. Window shade in the car - as mentioned - always keep one in the car, they are just so damn handy.

Other ways that you could use a muslin include:

  1. As a bib around baby’s neck
  2. Lining a cot
  3. Swaddling
  4. Security blanket
  5. Covering a car seat while sleeping
  6. Rolled up for stability in a pram or carseat
  7. As a cleaning cloth during bath time
  8. Tummy-time blanket
  9. Breastfeeding cover
  10. Wiping up little messes (or big ones)
  11. As a nappy

We have the most amazing muslin in stock, using the finest muslin fabric.  Muslins are a great baby shower gift and have a lifetime of endless uses. 

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