Are reusable nappies easy to use?

✨ Now... that question is forefront in the minds of most parents looking to use reusable nappies 

Especially if most of the comments you get when you mention that you want to use reusable nappies for your👶 sound like this:

"We had several buckets of nappies soaking in the laundry and oh my gosh the amount of laundry..."
"Do you think you will be able to manage with a newborn... and why would you want that when disposables are so much easier"
"I think it's harder than you think and you will give up after a day and waste all this money" 💰


And all of a sudden, doubt starts to creep in your mind. Maybe they are right. What if I start and I can't manage and I will waste my money. My partner will get mad and I will look like a failure. And on and on it goes in your mind.





But really, reusable nappies are a breeze once you get the hang of it! 🌈


I bet that most people who make these comments either haven't used them before, or used them like 30 years ago and so much has changed in cloth nappy fabrics and technology (like we don't soak nappies in buckets anymore!), or used them and gave up because they lacked the support to be successful using reusable nappies.

 In fact, a comment that most people make when they have used reusable nappies is:

It was easier than I thought it would be before I started.


So what can you expect when using reusable nappies? 👶


Learning Curve

Okay, so using reusable nappies might require a bit of practice. You'll need to learn how to fold, secure, stuff, fit the flats/prefolds/inserts you want to use, but fear not, soon you'll be a cloth-folding ninja! 💪 Plus, modern cloth nappies often come with user-friendly features like adjustable sizing and easy-to-use fasteners.

At Real Nappies we want to make reusable nappies pure and simple to use so we take out some of those tricky things by having nappies in sizes that will fit your 👶 snuggly without having to fiddle with fitting the nappy at different ages and stages. The velcro also takes the guesswork out of fitting the nappy as it is so much easier for beginners and intuitive to feel if the nappy is on too tight or too loose.

You and your 👶 will always be learning from each other. Know now that your 👶's nappy needs WILL CHANGE AS THEY GROW and as long as you learn the principles of what makes a reusable nappy work, any issue that arises can be sorted by making some adjustments along the way.


Increased Laundry

Yes, you'll have to do some extra loads of washing, but think of it as your secret training to become a laundry master! 🧺✨ Actually that is another common comment people make...

Since doing cloth nappies, my washing overall has never been so clean.

Because you will learn a lot about what it requires to have clean washing!

While it may make a bit of extra laundry, it's actually not that much more than you would do otherwise with a new 👶 due to the normal spills, bibs, breast pads and burp cloths anyway! And hey, you can always make laundry time a dance party or an excuse to catch up on your favorite TV shows! 🎶📺


Fit and Comfort

Reusable nappies offer a customizable fit for your little one's cute bottom. Again it is part of the learning curve with the variety of inserts and kinds of nappies out there. But it's like giving them a tailor-made outfit for their nappy needs. A big advantage of cloth nappies is the cushioning they provide when babies are learning to walk.

They have a little cushion pad on their bottom all the time!

Your baby will be rocking their comfy and stylish nappies like a boss! 👶💃


Availability of Support

Join the cloth nappy squad! There are cloth nappy communities ready to shower you with knowledge, tips, and plenty of virtual high-fives.

You're never alone on this cloth nappy journey!

Connect with ME! Connect with experienced cloth nappy users who are always happy to share their wisdom. Make sure you sift through the comments because there are also a lot of new parents in these groups and their experience of a few weeks with their babies and nappies are not always well informed YET. So it always pays to ask how old their baby is etc. But these communities are like having a superhero team of reusable nappy experts cheering you on! 🦸‍♀️🤝🌟

Remember, the most important thing is to find what works best for you and your baby.
Happy cloth nappying, and may your parenting adventures be filled with smiles, laughter, and leak-free nappies! 🎉😄👶

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