Real Nappies new beginnings and the top 5 features I love!

Hey there! I'm Merine, the new owner of Real Nappies.

This is a bit of an intro about myself, my cloth nappy journey and why/how I can help YOU on YOUR reusable nappy journey.
My family has a love for our environment and making a positive impact on the world around us.
I originally trained as a Product Development Chemist and between my Project Manager role for a manufacturing company and Real Nappies, I work full time. I also love volunteering in community organisations and connecting with people. I am passionate about toy libraries (another awesome way to reduce environmental impact and save money, find one near you!), love baking, growing my own food and spending time with the kids and my partner Wayne on our bush adventures.
Our family's cloth nappy journey started with our daughter Layla 5 years ago.
Using reusable cloth nappies was a big part of my decision to have children and I was SO LUCKY that my bestie Siobhan gifted me her whole stash of cloth nappies which consisted of mostly - you guessed it! - Real Nappies. She had got her stash from a friend who had done a lot of research into cloth nappies and bought Real Nappies for her children. I love this part of how the nappies passed on from each other and connect us all in a special way!
I just couldn't bear the thought of buying disposables and literally after a couple of hours of use (even less than that in the newborn days!), just throw the disposable in the bin. It just felt like throwing money in the bin for me! And thinking of the mountain of disposable nappies going to landfill felt like a weight in my stomach.
Over the years I bought and tried other types and brands (and OMG isn't it confusing at first with how many different kinds there are!), but I always reached for the Real Nappies first as they were much easier to use and I did not get leaks like I did with others.
My family does a lot of outdoor activities, in the bush, on farms, on the water, in the water, we go places! And being able to trust that my nappies will not leak was and forever is important. And so I would go to the Real Nappies ones every time.
Fast forward to 2022 and baby #2, our daughter Eve, and I brought the Real Nappies out of storage and the journey started again!
So when the previous owners decided to shut down the Real Nappies business in mid-2022, I was devastated that other parents would not know this brand and how easy it is to do reusable nappies with Real Nappies.
So I bought Real Nappies! 

 I've been there and made mistakes with my nappies, learnt from it and it's time to share the journey WITH YOU!

What I like about Real Nappies:

1. Simple All-In-2 system that is quick to dry: a waterproof cover and absorbent insert.

No stuffing of inserts into pockets with tight openings, because who has time for that?! 

The covers are dry within a few hours and the inserts almost overnight! Because the covers and inserts dry so quickly it's a quick turn-around and you need less of them.

2. Multi-size for always a great fit, whatever the shape or size of babies.

It might seem futile to buy multiple sizes compared to One-Size-Fit-Most (OSFM) nappies. The first clue is in their name, OSFM, they might fit most, but as soon as anything is outside the "normal", problems are encountered. The second clue is that every OSFM vary in sizes quite widely themselves between brands. Because of the set of sizes, Real Nappies are flexible enough to allow less or extra absorption to be added without compromising fit and to suit baby at every stage, because that is the most important!

3. Less washing! Covers can be used several times and only the insert replaced.

If only the insert is soiled, it can be removed and the cover reused again and again. If the cover is lightly soiled, it can even be wiped clean and reused!

This cuts down on the amount of washing (only one cover used for every 3 inserts sometimes more) and less covers are needed to be bought, saving you money!

4. Quality velcro closure: easy to get the right fit as it is very intuitive and adjustable to the millimetre.

Easy for people not so confident with nappies or with difficulties with fine motor skills. Also quick to put on wriggly babies or nappies can be stepped into and tightened upright. 

5. Long lasting: some in my stash are on their 3rd child.

True the elastics are a bit tired, some I have replaced but they are still properly waterproof and fit-for-purpose. We back our products and Real Nappies have a 2-Child Limited Warranty to give you peace of mind.


I can't wait to see what Real Nappies can do for you and your family!

If you are already using Real Nappies, what is your favourite thing about them?

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