The Nappy Club

Have you heard about our awesome store loyalty program? If you haven’t you should find out more. Our Nappy Club is our way of saying “thank you” for all your wonderful support.

Nappy Club Real Nappies 

It’s really easy to join and everyone is invited. You can join on our website by registering or if you buy something you automatically become part of the club - so simple!.

The coolest part of our club is the ability to earn, save and spend tickle tokens.

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Tickle tokens??? What are these things? Tickle tokens are our Nappy Club currency, which you can earn in a variety of ways and then convert in to ‘real’ money to spend in our store.

What's even better is that you can earn tickle tokens without even spending a cent.

How to earn Tickle Tokens 

Shopping reward

We reward you for every purchase you make, big or small - it doesn't matter.

Refer a friend

Get points for you (enough to get a reward) and your friend gets a discount too.  This is the fastest way to get a lot of points.

Reward birthday


Sit back, relax, and as long as we know when it's your birthday (you can add this to your account), we’ll give some tickle tokens to celebrate.

Product review

Give us a review on our shop and we reward you. 

Or... Are you a Social Media fan?  Get points for using social media....

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Spending tickle tokens

At 300 points you can start turning your tickle tokens into store credit. However, the best part is the more tickle tokens you accumulate, the more value the hold. This means that while 300 points gives you $10, to get $20 you only need 200 more points.

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Wanna know a wee bit more – terms and conditions and other boring stuff can be found on this page:

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