What to pack in your nappy change bag.

Oh my gosh, what am I going to need while I'm out with baby???  How do I manage cloth nappies while I'm out with baby?

The key to this is to have a really well packed nappy bag. I love lists, it's just one of my quirks, so having a list of what's needed is where I'll start. I’m also super prepared, so this is a very comprehensive list, and you don't necessarily need everything on it, but some items are crucial.

Here’s what I have in my nappy bag while I’m out and about with baby:

1. Nappies

I usually pack 2-3 prefolds (already folded how I need them), 1-2 Snug Wraps nappy covers and a few liners.  If using Snappis, then I suggest having a spare Snappi just in case - I always did.

Note: These numbers are if I’m just going out for a few short hours, if I was out for the whole day then I may increase my nappy needs.

2. Wipes

I used the Cheeky Wipes system, so I have my fresh travel bag to store the fresh pre-wet wipes and my mucky travel bag for the dirty ones when I’ve used them.  Alternatively, you may choose to use a packet of disposable wipes like WaterWipes.

3. Dirty Nappy Bag

I use a Real Nappies Laundry Bag for storing dirty nappies until I get home. You’d be amazed how many dirty nappies this bag can store.   The Real Nappies Laundry Bag is waterproof and can be washed and used again and again. Also, it can be used for other dirty items.

 Tip: You can just throw your dirty wipes in the dirty nappy bag with the nappy.

4. Change Mat

You can use a padded cleanable change mat, or just take a flat nappy. A lot of places have change mats available, but I like to have at least one flat nappy to lay down under baby.

5. Extras for baby (Optional)

Some additional items, which are not necessary for nappy changes, but good to have on hand are:

  • a spare onesie
  • a spare woollen/sun-hat (depending on season) and a spare jersey (or something warm)
  • a little pottle of nappy cream – you can either buy a small plastic container and just put some of your nappy cream in it, or use any freebies you've collected from give aways - I filled a little pottle with some of my Little Dragon Baby Balm
  • a spare toy, or in particular a chew toy - I have one which has stayed in there from the day baby started teething
  • depending on your feeding needs you may need bottles and milk powder, or if on solids, you may need snacks and a water bottle, plus any utensils necessary
  • bibs if you have a spilly/refluxy baby
  • spare dummy/pacifier
  • suncream - if it's that time of the year

6. Extras for Mum

Don’t forget about yourself. Depending on your needs, while out and about you might want to have:

  • spare breast pads
  • a spare top (in case you get spew, leaks or otherwise on you – you were warned babies are mucky, right?)
  • a protein bar (if you are breastfeeding you will get hungry) and water
  • sanitary pads
  • hand sanitiser (you never know where you may end up changing a nappy and what facilities there will be)
  • any medicinal needs (I kept some Arnica in my bag for those initial weeks of helping my body heal from the birth)
  • tissues

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